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Power Washing in Dublin - FAQ

Power Washing in Dublin – FAQ

Power Washing in Dublin – FAQ page will answer some of the most asked questions about power wahing services and what we do.

Spring and summer are the big months for patio cleaning as it’s the time of year in Dublin that we get the most use out of our outside areas. Over the winter and autum patios can get badly discoloured from moss, weeds algae, lichen and leafs. We at Peninsula Power Washing can provide a specialist clean that can have a patio looking like new again. We are always happy to help you decide on the right type of patio maintenance to suit your individual needs.

Patio Cleaning Dublin by Peninsula Power Washing. View our services page for all services we provide or go to our contact page to contact us for information or questions about our services or individual questions about your needs.

Q: Can you change my appointment?
A: If you need to change a booking time, please give us as much notice as possible and we will do our best to change to meet your needs.

Q: What surfaces can be sanitized after the cleaning?
A: We sanitize all garden surfaces, furniture, door handles etc. and wipe them after the spraying.

Q: Why don’t you use any detergents?
A: The jet washing service is often done near garden/green spaces. If we were to use any chemicals, they might end up in the soil, which will have a detrimental effect on the plants. On the other hand, the pressure washing is effective enough as it is.

Q: How long does the service take?
A: This is not an hourly-based service. It all depends on the dimensions of the area that is being washed.

Q: Do I need to provide something?
A: The jet washing machine requires electricity and running water. Also, the area you wish to be cleaned needs to have proper drainage.

Q: Do you need a parking space?
A: Yes, as close to your property as possible. The technician arrives with a van loaded with all the equipment.

Q: Can pressure washing remove oil or paint stains?
A: It will help and we can use special treatment to aid with our power washing service. Please discuss the type of stain and we can provide you with more information.

Q: What surfaces can be cleaned with pressure washing?
A: Plastic, tiles, concrete, stone, metal, wood: pretty much anything solid and sturdy enough. Probably the only exception is glass.

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