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About Peninsula Power Washing

About Peninsula Power Washing

Spring and summer are the big months for patio cleaning as it’s the time of year that it get used most. Over the winter and autum patios can get badly discoloured from moss, weeds algae, lichen and leafs. We at Peninsula Power Washing can provide a specialist clean that can have a patio looking like new again. We are always happy to help you decide on the right type of patio maintenance to suit your individual needs.

Patio Cleaning Dublin by Peninsula Power Washing. View our power washing services page or maintenance services page for the services we provide or go to our contact page to contact us for information or questions about our services or individual questions about your needs.

Which surfaces do we clean as part of our power washing service?


The outdoor surfaces around your property are constantly exposed to the elements. With time, general dust and grime will inevitably find their way onto those surfaces and settle down. That will also make them a slipping hazard. Here are a few scenarios in which you’ll find our jet washing service useful:


Decking & Patio cleaning

Balcony cleaning

Driveway & Pavement cleaning

Fence & Garden furniture washing

Also great for Walls

How is the pressure washing service in Dublin performed?


The power washing specialist will start by preparing the equipment. Keep in mind, though, that the technician will require access to electricity and running water. Having an external water tap is preferable, however in case there isn’t any available, an internal one will do the trick just fine.

Once the pressure washing machine is set, the technician will begin the cleaning procedure. The machine ejects a powerful stream of water that can easily dislodge accumulated grime, dirt, and even certain types of stains off your paving, patio and driveway. There will be no detergents used as the pressurised water alone gets the job done.

After finishing, we will clean all areas so that there is no trace that we were ever there… just a rejuvenated space… simple!
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